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I believe life is made up of moments. Some moments are big and you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Some moments are small and will only change you for a short time but they’re still there. Some moments you spend with those closest to you. Some moments happen when you’re with your enemies. Some moments happen when you’re all alone and no one will ever know about those moments. They still exist. They’re still your moments. The world is ever-changing but you change with it. Every moment is different. They might feel the same but the thoughts you have, feelings you have, people you have are all constantly changing. Your moments are special and no matter how small they all seem to be they will always be the moments that define your life. Some moments we choose, some moments we can’t. Some moments we spend so much time avoiding but sometimes the moments we run from are the ones that define us and will only make us into who we want to be.